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An interactive scientific editor built with ProseMirror, React and Redux - by Curvenote.


@curvenote/editor aims to bridge the gap between expressiveness and writing accessibility by developing a rich, WYSIWYG, collaborative editor with a focus on interactivity that integrates with LaTeX, various flavours of Markdown, and the Jupyter and Sphinx ecosystems.


We think that creating beautiful reactive documents and explorable explanations should be easy. Writing technical documents is hard enough already, and choosing to make that writing interactive is beyond the reach or time-commitment of most communicators.

We aim to lower the barriers to writing computational narratives. Today, narrative is often moved out of computational notebooks into static document creation tools (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LaTeX, Slides/PPT).

This is for two reasons:

  1. The need for more expressive components, formatting or referencing.

    • CommonMark markdown does not support, for example, citations, cross-references, and even simple formatting like callouts (see various alternatives below).

  2. To enable collaborators and reviewers who don't use these tools (e.g. when writing and reviewing papers & reports, slide decks, etc.)

    • Writing often requires collaborators that may not be comfortable with some combination of the tools required for computational narratives (e.g. git, md, notebooks, javascript, etc.).


There are many Markdown syntax variants and extensions (e.g. RMarkdown, MyST, idyll-lang, MDX) that add flavours (usually) on top of CommonMark to allow for more complex documents and various degrees of interactivity. These syntaxes or development environments are often beyond the reach of many contributors and collaborative editing and review is often not a priority.


We think the best explanations are explorable and promote active reading, and would love to see this style of writing more widely adopted in scientific teaching, writing and education. To us, that means deep integrations with the Jupyter ecosystem and providing ways to support traditional export as well.

Scope of Repository

A WYSIWYG editor for technical content and documents (papers, reports, documentation, etc.), and support computational into the narrative (c.f. explorable explanations).


Related Projects

A collaborative, rich text editor for interactive technical & scientific content., implementing the MyST standard, and integrating with JupyterLab, JupyterBook and Sphinx. The project will enable a larger audience to create publication-quality, standards-friendly documents through Jupyter, without having to learn a new syntax.



We have recently (Feb 2021) spun this out of internal development at Curvenote where we have worked on it for the last year. Docs and testing aren't yet up to our open source standards 😬. We will improve these over time! In the mean time, star the repo, watch it, or send us an issue or , or try out the editor on Curvenote!

Q1-Q2, 2021

Other ideas and plans

Getting Started

git clone [email protected]:curvenote/editor.git cd editor yarn install yarn build yarn start

See the demo folder from more details on how to get started.

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Last updated February 19th, 2021